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arduino uno: bitmap animation on ili9341 tft touchscreen …

The TFT touch screen display screen shield based on ILI9341 is a very popular low-cost display screen shield for Arduino.
Kobino has been supporting them for a long time, but I have never had a chance to write a tutorial on how to use them.
However, few people have asked questions recently about the use of phonino monitors, so I decided to make a tutorial.
In this tutorial, I will show you how easy it is to connect the shield to the Arduino and program it using visualino to make the bitmap move on the display.
As shown in picturesTo to start programming the Arduino, insert the TFT shield into the top of the Arduino Uno, you need to install the Arduino IDE from here: Make sure to install 1. 6.
7 or higher, otherwise this statement will not work!
Phonino: installation is also required.
Next, we need to add graphic elements to render the text and the bitmap.
First, we will add the graphic element to draw the shadow of the text: now we will add the graphic element to draw the text: Next, we will add the graphic element to draw the bitmap: to animate the bitmap, we need to control its X and Y positions.
To do this, we will add pins for the X and Y attributes: We will animate the bitmap movement using 2 integer sine generators: to render the bitmap every time we update the X and Y positions, we need to send the clock signal to the \”draw Bitmap1\” element.
To send commands after location changes, we need a way to synchronize events.
To do this, we will use the Repeat component to continuously generate events and clock multiple sources into 2 events in sequence.
The first event updates the clock sine generator to the X and Y positions, and the second event \”draws Bitmap1\” the clock: Congratulate you!
You have finished the project.
Pictures 2, 3, 4 and 5 and video display the connection and the call item.
You will see the bitmap moving on the ILI9341-based TFT touch screen display as shown in the video.
In Figure 1, you can see the complete visualization.
Also attached are the phonino project I created for this structure and the bitmap with the phonino logo.

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