apple orders 160m iphone 8 oled panels, report says

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-09
All rumors suggest that the iPhone 8 will be a very different smartphone from the iPhone 7 and before.
We are already looking forward to a phone in glass and the integration of wireless charging.
Now it seems that due to the huge order for OLED panels, Samsung will once again be an integral part of the delivery of the next-generation iPhone.
Last year, Apple ordered 100 million OLED panels from Samsung monitors for the iPhone 8, according to The Korea Herald.
However, it is now thought that the order has increased to 0. 16 billion copies, worth an extra $4.
3 billion from Samsung.
Despite the decline in iPhone sales in 2016, it remained above 0. 2 billion per year.
If you believe in Samsung\'s order, most of the panels used in the iPhone 8 will depend on Korean companies.
As to why Apple decided to increase its order, it may be due to supply problems.
Apple likes to source components from multiple companies for its products.
In this way, the risk is reduced if one of the suppliers encounters a supply problem.
In this case, it may not be feasible for Apple to choose one of the companies that supply OLED panels, and Samsung has agreed to close the gap.
Either so, or Apple reviewed the sales forecast for the iPhone 8 and decided that more forecasts would need to be made.
As for who will handle the remainder of Apple\'s OLED panel order, LG is considered another major supplier.
Samsung uses OLED panels in many of its smartphones, so it can rely on it to mass produce OLED panels and meet the standards Apple requires.
It also proves Samsung\'s ability to produce, it has to meet its own needs, and this massive new order from Apple.
The article was originally on PCMag. com.
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