apple ordering samsung’s flexible oled screens for “iphone yoga”?

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-17
According to a recent report, Apple may be ready to include Samsung\'s flexible OLED display in future products-even the iPhone.
Samsung released the display on CES 2012, which is well received. Kwon Oh-
Samsung vice chairman Xuan (
Headquartered in Seoul)
Samsung said in an interview with The Korea Times yesterday that Samsung received \"huge\" orders for OLED display screens from several electronics companies.
Although the rights are not much said, the Korea Times suspects that Apple may be one of the companies responsible for huge orders, which makes sense to some extent, apple is one of Samsung\'s biggest electronics customers.
They speculate that the flexible OLED display may appear in \"iPhone yoga\", although they correctly point out that the technology is unlikely to appear in the new iPhone.
According to Kwon, flexible OLED displays will be mass-produced in the third and fourth quarters of this year in response to the \"huge\" demand of Samsung customers.
At first glance, this seems to be a rumor that should be dismissed, most likely because Apple is not interested in Samsung\'s OLED display at all.
On the other hand, however, we told you about your patent application earlier this month.
Apple has obviously been working on tactile feedback display technology, and it happens that Apple\'s patented technology consists of a series of \"shape change elements, these elements are lifted to simulate the texture screen of anything on the device.
This technology requires a display that is very similar to a flexible OLED display, and Samsung is clearly receiving \"huge\" orders.
Of course, it is likely that Apple will never do anything about the tactile feedback system or Samsung\'s flexible display.
Samsung receives the technical orders Apple needs for another technology that is trying to patent, which can easily become a coincidence, and in fact may be a coincidence.
Still, it\'s not a coincidence that the possibility has some tempting implications as well.
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