another reason to consider samsung\'s galaxy note 8: the best display on the market

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-19
There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a super
Advanced devices for mobile phone power users who know how to use their tablets-
Mixing features and features.
You may or may not need the power of the S Pen, but a key feature of the smartphone that almost everyone can contact is its display.
For good or bad, the display is the device of the smartphone, so it is one of the main functions that have the greatest impact on the user experience and device satisfaction.
Over the years, OLED displays have greatly improved the user experience of smartphones. Samsung\'s Super AMOLED technology can be said to be the best in its class. So far, even Apple\'s iPhone Retina Display doesn\'t match the product features.
In this case, I recently spent a lot of high quality hands
At Samsung\'s New York launch, the new Galaxy Note 8 showed up on time, and I can say without a doubt that the Note 8 seems to carry on with Samsung\'s best tradition --in-
Class display technology. Its curved 6. 3-
The resolution of the Inch Super AMOLED display is even higher than the Galaxy S8 Plus, with a resolution of 2960X1440, with a high dynamic range feature and a 141% sRGB color range.
If you\'re a pixel snob and you like a bigger phone, I \'d say it\'s definitely the device you should consider.
However, the people at display mate just announced that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best smartphone monitor in the world, so don\'t trust me.
In particular, Display mate noted that \"the aspect ratio is 18.
5: 9, the display in the Galaxy Note 8 is the first to implement 3k QHD in the Note smartphone (
2960x1440 pixels)resolution.
There is a monitor
Pixel rendering of 521 pixels per inch (ppi)
, Provides much higher image clarity than other mobile monitors. . .
The Galaxy Note 8 is the latest model of a new generation of OLED smartphones with a full screen display design.
This is the most innovative and high-performance smartphone display we have tested in the lab, winning the highest ever achievement for display mate.
\"Since the display area is 20% larger than the Samsung Galaxy S8 and 14% larger than the previous Galaxy Note device, you have to be ready to install a larger device, although it\'s super
The decorative baffle area of Note 8 does fill up its 6. 3-
A relatively, very compact device.
It is also the brightest OLED display created by Samsung, even offering a higher peak brightness than the Galaxy s8.
You can bet that I will also test the performance of this monitor in the real world in the coming weeks.
I\'m also keen to see how Samsung has developed its pen feature, as well as some other features of the Note 8, such as the dual rear camera feature.
However, one thing you can be sure of at this juncture is that the OLED display of the Galaxy Note 8 is currently the best in the industry.
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