5th ld: toshiba to ally with sharp in lcd tv business.

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-11
TOKYO, Dec. 21 Kyodo (
EDS: add information in 5TH GRAF, add 7TH GRAF)Toshiba Corp. and Sharp Corp.
On Friday, they said they had agreed to work together to develop LCD screens in an increasingly competitive environment for tablets around the world to try to cut the investment burden
Flat panel TV industry
Starting from the next fiscal year starting in April 1, Toshiba will purchase TV LCD panels of 32 inch and more screens from sharp, while Sharp will purchase TV semiconductors from Toshiba.
In fiscal 2010, Toshiba aims to get about 40% of LCD TV panel demand from Sharp.
Sharp\'s goal is to ensure 50% of its total demand for large systems.
Expand the integration of Toshiba TV in the same time frame.
At a joint news conference in Tokyo, Toshiba president Kishida said that the biggest reason our company decided to establish a partnership is that we have great hopes for Sharp\'s new Sakai factory.
Toshiba will give up production 30-
Inch or larger TVs using organic LEDs technology will instead focus on Sharp\'s LCD TV business.
\"Sharp\'s LCD panels are much superior than those using OLED technology,\" he said . \". \'\'For next-
We will mainly use Sharp\'s LCD panel.
Sitian said Toshiba plans to commercialize small OLED panels designed primarily for digital consumer electronics through Toshiba Panasonic Display Technology Co. , Ltd. , is unchanged.
In the future, some panels of Toshiba brand TV will be produced at Sharp\'s new factory in Sakai, Osaka, which is currently under construction with an investment of about 380 billion yen, the company said.
Earlier this month, Sharp held a groundbreaking ceremony for the world\'s largest LCD plant, which is expected to be put into operation in March 2010.
Sharpe President ASIO Katayama praised Toshiba\'s expertise in the field of semiconductors and said the latest cooperation
Toshiba is the \"best\" of similar products in Japan \".
\"I believe this will last for a long time --term win-
Katayama said winning relationships for Sharp and Toshiba, adding that the two companies will be able to produce \"only one product that overseas companies cannot imitate\" by combining their world\"
Leading technology.
In addition to the LCD TV business, Xitian said, the two companies can also cooperate in other fields.
Toshiba and Osaka-
The sharp-based business deals are worth about 70 billion to 80 billion yen, he said, adding that he hopes to more than double the amount in the near future.
Toshiba has been sourcing LCD panels from several companies, including a joint venture owned by Tokyo --
Panasonic Electric Appliance Industry Co. , Ltd. is headquartered in the United States.
Hitachi Limited
After a new partnership with Sharp, Nishida said Toshiba was considering selling a 15% stake in its joint venture, IPS Alpha Technology Ltd. 15.
Other companies in Chiba prefecture.
The latest move could cement LCD tablets
The panel display industry is divided into three groups.
Panasonic, Hitachi and Canon
Considering a comprehensive alliance in Pingcheng.
Panel Display operation including development of organic light-
Sony has introduced display technology.
And Samsung Electronics
Have worked closely through their joint ventureLCD Corp.
Established in South Korea in 2004.
Sharp, Japan\'s largest LCD TV maker with the Aquos series, became the biggest shareholder of pioneer on Thursday.
Leading manufacturer of automotive electronics.
Sharp now holds 14.
Pioneer 28% of shares after of purchasing the 30 million unit new shares about 41. 5 billion yen.
At the same time, the pioneer company that produces plasma TV plans to enter the LCD TV market through cooperation. up with Sharp.
Toshiba\'s flat-
The flat-screen TV business has been losing money, and it has found it difficult to commercialize its next business.
Generation TV using surface
Conduction Electron
Canon transmitter display.
In May, Toshiba and Canon had to postpone the launch of sed TV indefinitely due to patent lawsuits in the United States.
Sharp\'s new Sakai plant will be fully operational with an annual production capacity of 42-
13 million inch TV.
Sharp\'s chairman, katsumachimachida, told reporters last week that there were at least 14 companies, including Corning Inc.
Printing companies in the United States and Japan.
Operations will begin near the new LCD panel factory.
About 3,000 sharp employees and 2,000 other employees will work on the Osaka voice-over site
As the headquarters company of the \"21st century manufacturing complex\", the company will also have a factory that produces film
Thin film solar cell
LCD panel factory will be the first in the world to use so-called 10th-
The length and width of the first generation glass substrate is about 3 m, which makes it in 60-
Inch or 40-15 panelinch class.
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