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Waterproof demo on LCD Mall waterproof touch screen lcd display in AllTouchDisplay factory

The LCD Mall Waterproof LCD Touch Screen Display is an innovative display device that utilizes an advanced waterproof technology to protect the screen from damage caused by water. The device is composed of a special protective film which is applied to the LCD display and a unique membrane layer that covers the touch sensors and the display itself. This membrane layer not only acts as a protective barrier, but also creates a water-repellent surface that prevents water from seeping through the display. Additionally, the technology also contains a special electro-static coating that repels water from the surface of the display. This ensures that the display remains unaffected even when exposed to water for extended periods of time. #waterproofing #touchscreen #touchscreenmonitor #LCDMall #AllTouchDisplay

The Waterproof LCD Touch Screen Display Experiment by LCDMall Part 1 #lcd #tft #waterproof

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