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Wholesale 8.0 inch TFT IPS LCD Display Screen 1200 x 1920 Resolution With MIPI 4 Lanes

Model No LM080PWX02NS
Resolution 800*1280
Brightness(cd/m²) 400
Sizes Range 8.0inch
Viewing Direction All
LCM Interface MIPI
LCD Driver IC HX8260


LM080PWX02NS is a 8.0 inch IPS Display .The model is featured with MIPI interface;Full viewing.

The Backlight Type is 21-CHIP WHITE LED. It can be used in embedded systems, automation, GPS, medical equipment, industrial device, security equipment which requires display in high quality and colorful image.

LCM Mechanical Diagram


No. Symbol Description
1-3 LED+ Power supply for LED
4 NC No Connect
5-8 LED- Power supply for LED
9-10 GND Ground
11 MIPI_2P MIPI data positive signal(2P)
12 MIPI_2N MIPI data negative signal(2N)
13 GND Ground
14 MIPI_1P MIPI data positive signal(1P)
15 MIPI_1N MIPI data negative signal(1N)
16 GND Ground
17 MIPI_CLKP MIPI data positive signal(CLKP)
18 MIPI_CLKP MIPI data negative signal(CLKN)
19 GND Ground
20 MIPI_0P MIPI data positive signal(0P)
21 MIPI_0N MIPI data negative signal(0N)
22 GND Ground
23 MIPI_3P MIPI data positive signal(3P)
24 MIPI_3N MIPI data negative signal(3N)
25 GND Ground
26 VDDIO Logic power 1.8V
27 RESET Reset Pin
28 GND Ground
29 VDDIO Logic power 1.8V
30 VDD Logic power 3.3V
31 VDD Logic power 3.3V


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating Temperature  TOP -20 70
Storage Temperature TST -30 70


Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol


Min Typ Max Unit
Input Power VDD 2.8 3.3 3.6 V
Current for LED Backlight If 140 mA
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