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7.0" TFT LCD Panel with LVDS Interface

Model No LM070SWS06NS
Resolution 1024*600
Brightness(cd/m²) 250
Sizes Range 7.0inch
Viewing Direction 12 O’CLOCK
LCM Interface LVDS
LCD Driver IC NT51008CH+NT52002H


LM070SWS06NS is a 7.0 inch TFT LCD Display .The model is featured with LVDS interface;12 O’CLOCK.

The Backlight Type is 24-LED WHITE.It can be used in embedded systems, automation, GPS, medical equipment, industrial device, security equipment which requires display in high quality and colorful image.


Pin No. Symbol Description
1 VCOM Common voltage
2 VDD Power Voltage for digital circuit
3 VDD Power Voltage for digital circuit
4 NC No connection
5 Reset Global reset pin
6 STBYB Standby mode, Normally pulled high STBYB = “1”, normal operation STBYB= “0”, timing controller, source driver will turn off, all output are High-Z
7 GND Ground
8 RXIN0- -LVDS differential data input
9 RXIN0+ + LVDS differential data input
10 GND Ground
11 RXIN1- -LVDS differential data input
12 RXIN1+ + LVDS differential data input
13 GND Ground
14 RXIN2- -LVDS differential data input
15 RXIN2+ + LVDS differential data input
16 GND Ground
17 RXCLKIN- -LVDS differential clock input
18 RXCLKIN+ + LVDS differential data input
19 GND Ground
20 RXIN3- -LVDS differential data input
21 RXIN3+ + LVDS differential data input
22 GND Ground
23 NC No connection
24 NC No connection
25 GND Ground
26 NC No connection
27 DIMO Backlight CABC controller signal output
28 SELB 6bit/8bit mode select
29 AVDD Power for Analog Circuit
30 GND Ground
31 LED- LED Cathode
32 LED- LED Cathode
33 L/R Horizontal inversion
34 U/D Vertical inversion
35 VGL Gate OFF Voltage
36 CABCEN1 CABC H/W enable
37 CABCEN0 CABC H/W enable
38 VGH Gate ON Voltage
39 LED+ Anode of LED
40 LED+ Anode of LED

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating Temperature  TOP -20 70
Storage Temperature TST -30 80


Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol


Min Typ Max Unit
Input Power VDD 3.0 3.3 3.6 V
Current for LED Backlight IL 160 mA
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