Professional LCD and Touch Manufacturer / Design Solution

3.5 Inch TFT Screen 320*240 LCD Module for 3D Printing /Home Appliances

Model No LM035NQ09HS-DR02
Resolution 320*240
Brightness(cd/m²) 250nits
Sizes Range 3.5inch
Viewing Direction 12 o’clock
LCM Interface 18BIT RGB+SPI
LCD Driver IC SSD2119


LM035NQ09HS-DR02 is a 3.5 inch TFT LCD Display with resistive touch.The model is featured with SPI+18BIT RGB interface; This 3.5″ TFT Touch Screen Module can be used in embedded systems, POS,industrial device, security and hand-held equipment which require display in high quality and colorful image.

LCM Mechanical Diagram


Pin No. Symbol Description
1 VCI Power supply for analog
2 VCI Power supply for analog
3 VSS Ground.
4 VDDIO Voltage input pin for logic I/O
5 VSS Ground.
6 RESB System reset pin. – An active low pulse at this pin will reset the IC, Connect to VDDIO in normal operation
7 DC/SDC(RS) A register select signal.Low: select an index or status register,High: select a control register.
8 E/RD 6800-system : E (enable signal) 8080-system : RD (read strobe signal) Serial mode : Not used and should be connected to VDDIO or Vss
9 WR 8080-system : WR (write strobe signal)
10 CS CS : Chip select pin
11 SCL Serial clock input
12 SDO Data output pin in serial interface
13 SDI Data input pin in serial interface
14 WSYNC Ram Write Synchronization output -Leave it OPEN when not used
15~32 DB17~DB0 Data bus.
33 VSS Ground.
34 DOTCLK Dot-clock signal and oscillator source.
35 HSYNC Line Synchronization input
36 VSYNC Frame/Ram Write Synchronization input
37 OE Display enable pin from controller.
38 VSS Ground.
39 PS0 Refer of Table1
40 PS1 Refer of Table1
41 PS2 Refer of Table1
42 PS3 Refer of Table1
43 VSS Ground.
44~47 NC Not Connection
48 VSS Ground.
49 LEDK Cathode of LED backlight.
50 LEDA Anode of LED backlight.


Item Dimension Unit
Size 3.5inch inch
Dot Matrix 320*RGB*240(TFT) dots
Module dimension 76.90*63.90*4.3 mm
Active area 70.08*52.56 mm
Dot pitch 0.219*0.219 mm
View Direction 12 O’CLOCK
Gray Scale Inversion Direction 6 O’CLOCK
Backlight Type LED, Normally White
LCD Controller IC SSD2119
Pcap Controller IC  
LCD Interface 18BIT RGB+SPI
Pcap Interface  


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating Temperature  TOP -20   70
Storage Temperature TST -30   80


Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol


Min Typ Max Unit
Input Power VCC   3.0 3.3 3.6 V
Supply current (One LED) ILED       30 mA
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