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2.4" inch 240 x 320 Color TFT LCD Display ILI9341V with Touch Screen Display

Model No LM024CQ04NS-DR01
Resolution 240*320
Brightness(cd/m²) 160nits
Sizes Range 2.4inch
Viewing Direction 6 o’clock
LCM Interface 8/16 BIT MCU
LCD Driver IC ILI9341V


LM024CQ4NS-DR01 is a 2.4 inch TFT LCD Display with resistive touch.The model is featured with 8/16 BIT MCU interface;

It can be used in signal analyzers or bench top laboratory equipment, handhold microscope and other handhold devices.

LCM Mechanical Diagram


Pin No. Symbol Description
1 FMARK(NC) No connect
2 VCI(2.8V) Power supply
3 IOVCC Power supply for digital circuit
4 /CS Chip select input pin (“Low” enable).
5 RS Data or command select
6 /WR Write data signal
7 /RD Read data signal
8 / RERSET Reset pin
9 DB0 Data bus
10 DB1 Data bus
11 DB2 Data bus
12 DB3 Data bus
13 DB4 Data bus
14 DB5 Data bus
15 DB6 Data bus
16 DB7 Data bus
17 DB8 Data bus
18 DB9 Data bus
19 DB10 Data bus
20 DB11 Data bus
21 DB12 Data bus
22 DB13 Data bus
23 DB14 Data bus
24 DB15 Data bus
25 NC No connect
26 Y-/YD Y- input position of touch panel.
27 X-/XR X- input position of touch panel.
28 Y+/YU Y+ input position of touch panel.
29 X+/XL X+ input position of touch panel.
30 LEDA Anode of LED backlight
31 LEDK1 Cathode of LED backlight
32 LEDK2 Cathode of LED backlight
33 LEDK3 Cathode of LED backlight
34 LEDK4 Cathode of LED backlight
35 GND Power ground
36 GND Power ground
37 IM0 No connect


Item Dimension Unit
Size 2.4inch inch
Dot Matrix 240*RGB*320(TFT) dots
Module dimension 42.72×60.26×3.65 mm
Active area 36.72*48.96 mm
Dot pitch 0.153*0.153 mm
View Direction 6 O’ CLOCK
Gray Scale Inversion Direction 12 O’ CLOCK
Backlight Type LED, Normally White
LCD Controller IC ILI9341V
Pcap Controller IC
LCD Interface 8/16 BIT MCU
Pcap Interface


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating Temperature  TOP -20 70
Storage Temperature TST -30 80


Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol


Min Typ Max Unit
Input Power VCI 2.5 2.8 3.3 V
Current for LED Backlight IL 80 mA
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