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Touch-based technology, undoubtedly, offers a swift interface between operators and machines. This is the reason many leading-edge industrial applications prefer it to enhance their operations. Intuitive and simple usage of touch monitors leads to easy operation of machinery or computer equipment, enabling a more efficient work processes. But many applications are not designed to accommodate some conditions like wet, dusty, dirty, and corrosive environments. In such conditions, the lifespan of these applications become severely impacted.

This is where waterproof touchscreens come into play. These innovative touch sensor solutions are specially designed to sustain extreme environmental conditions such as in industrial settings. This touch technology has enabled industries to seamlessly carry out operations, even in odd weather conditions.

Here are four Industries taking advantage of Waterproof Touch Sensor Solutions

Food and Beverage Producers:
There can be no compromise with hygienic and safety guidelines in the food industry. That applies to the processing equipment as well. In the strict environment of this industry, computers with touch interfaces need to comply with sanitation regulations.

Glass armored resistive touch screen sensor called ULTRA, adapts to these rugged conditions perfectly. ULTRA resistive touchscreens are impervious to water, chemicals, solvents, dirt and dust. Cleaning machinery that is equipped with ULTRA is unaffected by temperatures approaching boiling, high-pressure jets, strong industrial disinfectants, and industry-standard detergents.

Some applications integrate projected capacitive (PCAP) touch sensors that are protected against light moisture and chemicals. PCAP touchscreens have a quick response time that allow users to enter data with thin gloves on (wearing gloves is essential for food safety standards). It also supports the multi-touch ability for gestures such as pinch-to-zoom or drag and drop.

These solutions in touchscreens create an entirely different user experience and help workers operate more efficiently.

Smart Agriculture:
When working in agriculture, managers and field workers are exposed to different weather conditions along with their touchscreen devices. They remain subjected to water, chemical and dirt exposure.

The latest armored innovations in industrial touchscreens allow farmers to operate 24/7 without having to wait for favorable weather conditions.
Touchscreen computer systems for on-site crop management must be waterproof to prevent liquid and dust penetration. These innovative devices contribute to enhancing productivity through seamless farm management and crop yield. For example, jobs like creating comprehensive profiles of farms with detailed maps and interactive field plans, precisely recording soil samples, and displaying data on climate, crop health, and field topography get simplified with water-resistant computer screens that enable on-site operation.

Livestock Management:
It is impossible to avoid feed dust, skin dander, and animal waste in Livestock management. Waterproof and rugged touchscreen computers are designed to handle repeated drops and provide protection against dust and water sprays.

Waterproof touch devices have enabled the livestock industry to progress with technological innovations allowing for a more competitive market. They optimize daily tasks and allow producers to connect with customers efficiently and expand on farm-to-home services.

Connected Mines:
Tough, dirty and dangerous working conditions are inevitable in the mining sector. Industrial touchscreen equipment includes numerous features to help facilitate smooth, safe and efficient work operations.

Rugged touchscreens with can resist scratches from grit and sand that come in contact with the screen through incidental touch or gloved hand interaction. Moreover, the touchscreens constructed with a solid IP rating ensure impermeability against corrosive liquids and combustible gases, while protecting electrical hardware inside the equipment that use them.

If you are an OEM, looking for waterproof touch sensors to manufacture touchscreen devices or equipment for any of these applications, contact us by We specialize in an innovative range of touchscreen solutions, designed specifically for rugged usage.

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