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What to do if oled panel manufacturers is damaged during shipping?

Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited does our best to protect the pieces against breakage, but no guarantees can be made. If you see any damage, please make note of it. This will help greatly in case of claims against the carrier. Shenzhen LCD Mall takes such matters very seriously and will look into individual cases thoroughly.  We’re really sorry with the accident. Do contact us via any channels and we’ll do our very best to put things right.

Shenzhen LCD Mall has many years of experience in R&D and production of tft touch. We are a reputable company in the domestic market. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of monochrome lcd and other product series. The product is not likely to deform. All its weakest points have gone through a concentrated load test to ensure no structural damage occurs. It maintains high surface strength without any micro-cracks. our company has a wealth of production capabilities, strict process and complete quality management system. It can be designed with either the on-cell or in-cell touch sensor.

We combine our industry knowledge with renewable and recyclable materials. In this way, we are able to meet customer demand for environmentally friendly products.

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