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What about the maximum supply of high brightness tft lcd by LCD Mall per month?

Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited has our own factory. In our factory, we have introduced a complete set of manufacturing machines and innovative technologies to carry out mass production of tft lcd to meet customer requirements. In the busy season, we have the ability to process orders efficiently.

Specializing in supplying capacitive touch for many years, Shenzhen LCD Mall leads from the front with strong developing and manufacturing capability. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of capacitive touch screen and other product series. The product poses no risk in terms of safety. It does not contain super-toxic flame retardant chemicals nor harmful VOCs such as formaldehyde. It supports multi-touch (when it uses capacitive technology). Shenzhen LCD Mall’s quality and service is something of great value. It is easy to install and maintain.

We never stop searching for sustainable growth. We support more sustainable production patterns by reducing the environmental impact of our products.

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