tft lcd manufacturer
tft lcd manufacturer

TFT LCD & OLED Screen  Features And Diffference


*TFT: is a type of LCD with a thin film transistor attached to each pixel. All computer LCD screens are TFT since early 2000s;

*TFT LCD glass can be TN (normally white), IPS (normally black), LPTS, a-si technology. LCD Mall has many special TFT LCD like transflective TFT LCD, round TFT LCD, square TFT LCD, bar TFT LCD, Super wide Operation temperature -30C~+85C. We can do customer design to tooling TFT LCD glass, tooling TFT lcd mask as per project needing.

*TFT LCD with touch together is a good solution for your project if you need touch function.

*OLEDs are made from organic light-emitting materials that emit light when electricity is applied. OLED displays are emissive - and do not require any backlight or filtering systems that are used in LCDs. As a result, OLEDs can be made flexible and transparent while providing the best images possible. 

LCD Mall believe OLED is the future display trends.

tft lcd features
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