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15.6 Inch 30 PIN 1920x1080 IPS TFT LCD Screen Panel Module

Model No LM156NWU02NS
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Brightness(cd/m²) 400
Sizes Range 15.6inch
Viewing Direction All
LCM Interface EDP


LM156NWU02NS is a 15.6 inch TFT LCD Display .The model is featured with EDP interface;Full viewing.

The Backlight Type is 36-LED WHITE. It can be used in embedded systems, medical equipment, industrial device, open frame device,security equipment which requires display in high quality and colorful image.


No. Symbol Description
1 NC NO connect
2 H-GND High Speed Ground
3 LANEI-N Complement Signal Link Lane 1
4 LANEI-P True Signal Link lane 1
5 H-GND High Speed Ground
6 LANEO-N Complement Signal Link Lane 0
7 LANEO-P True Signal Link lane 0
8 H-GND High Speed Ground
9 AUX-CH-P True Signal Auxiliary Channel
10 AUX-CH-N Complement Signal Auxiliary Channel
11 H-GND High Speed Ground
12 LCD-VCC LCD logic and driver power(3.3v)
13 LCD-VCC LCD logic and driver power(3.3v)
14 NC NO connect
15 LCD-GND LCD Logic and driver ground
16 LCD-GND LCD Logic and driver ground
17 HPD HPD Signal
18 BL-GND Backlightground
19 BL-GND Backlightground
20 BL-GND Backlightground
21 BL-GND Backlightground
22 BL-ENABLE Backlightground
23 BL-PWM-DIM System PWM
24 NC NO connect
25 NC NO connect
26 BL-PWR Backlight power
27 BL-PWR Backlight power
28 BL-PWR Backlight power
29 BL-PWR Backlight power
30 NC NO connect


Item Unit
Module Sizes (W*H*T) 359.44*206.44*3.3 mm
Active Area Sizes (W*H) 344.16*193.59 mm
Pixel Pitch (W*H) 0.17925*0.17925 mm
Number of Dots 1920(horizontal)*1080(Vertical)
Driver IC TBD
Interface Type EDP
Top Polarizer Type Anti-Glare
Viewing Direction ALL O’CLOCK
Gray Scale Inversion Direction O’CLOCK
Backlight Type 36-DIES WHITE LEDs
Touch Panel Type WITHOUT


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating Temperature  TOP -10 50
Storage Temperature TST -20 60


Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol


Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Voltage For LCM VDD -0.3 4 V
Supply Current For LCM IDD 30 mA
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