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How to make TFT LCD panel out-door visible?

Nowadays, more and more application take TFT LCD display product, some of application need LCD support out-door visible, so Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited provide many solution for our customers. Like make the panel high brightness, do AG AR coating on LCD panel service, Shenzhen LCD Mall also provide a serial transflective TFT LCD panel, sizes from 2.2inch, 2.8inch, 3.5inch, 4.3inch, 5.0inch, 7.0inch, 8.0inch, 10.1inch transflective LCD. Widely used in handle device, out-door Pos machine, out-doort instruments.

No one compares Shenzhen LCD Mall in creating monochrome display. Since our inception, we have been a consistent and trusted partner, providing a quality product to customers. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of tft panel and other product series. tft panel are magnificent and have enjoyed a great fame both at home and abroad for its tft lcd. OCA bond can be used to add superior strength and durability while improving optical clarity and picture quality.  we has a wealth of production capabilities, strict process and complete quality management system. Its surface is smooth and feels comfortable.

We combine our industry knowledge with renewable and recyclable materials. In this way, we are able to meet customer demand for environmentally friendly products.

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