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How can I contact LCD Mall?

Telephone, email and societal websites like Facebook are available. Please feel free to contact Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited when you can find some issues. Our customer service staff is happy to help with any questions or problems you might have. The “Contact Us” page offers multiple methods to reach people, depending upon your language preference and subject matter needs.

Shenzhen LCD Mall has earned a good reputation for the manufacture of tft touch in China. We have been regarded as a reliable manufacturer. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of capacitive touch screen and other product series. The product has good colorfastness. It is not susceptible to the influence of external sunlight exposure nor the ultraviolet ray. It comes with premium chemical and UV resistance. Shenzhen LCD Mall’s great strength has come from the cultivation of its brands. OCA bond can be used to add superior strength and durability while improving optical clarity and picture quality.

We aim to reduce the negative impact on environmental. We constantly adopt new production technology and energy-saving technology to minimize emission.

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