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2.4 tft lcd with i2c module(s)

In this short note, I will show you how I am using the I2C bus on this tft LCD.
Required parts :-Arduino Uno-2. 4 TFT LCD-
For example, DS3231-some wires -female pins-
Welding and soldering iron-
As you know, the SPFD5408 tft is a 240×320 pixel display that can easily connect most Arduino boards and work with most boards.
It uses 8 numbers, 5 simulations, 2 power supplies, and 1 ground pin.
In my oppinion, the display is very handy because it is OK just to insert and use it.
The only thing that bothers me is that one of the I2C bus lines is the most commonly used Display (A4)
For reset function.
But after last night, I found a solution to the case.
The solution I found was that I needed to remove the shielded reset pin and connect it with the arduinos reset pin with a small wire.
I don\’t mind removing the pin because my monitor is a bit defective and has to fix it before using it.
Earlier, when I searched online, I found a video on youtube.
In this video, arduino has the same display as the DS3231 RTC module.
I would really like to re-make the same clock, but no parts to make it.
So I put the case on hold until yesterday and didn\’t make it until I worked for an hour.
Added another sketch for the McuFriend Library.
The video can be found here: Sketch: I did not write a sketch.
Modified it only to meet my needs! !
The original settings and sketches don\’t work for me.
So I added a few lines of code souch as these libraries: including spfd5408_adafuit_gfx.
Hinclude SPFD5408_Adafruit_TFTLCD.
Hinclude spfd5408_touch screen.
This library will drive our presentation.
It must work with the ili93 20/25/28/40/41 TFT drive chip.
Next is to declare analog pin output: define LCD _ cs 3 define LCD _ cd 2 define LCD _ wr a1 define LCD _ rd 03 define LCD _ Reset 1 Reset can be commented as we will not
We need 3 more lines in void (setup)
: Reset the settings tft LCD driver chip ID manually.
Replace to start RTC.
I have 1 compilation error: No Exit status 1 \”drawing\” is declared in this range \”. Normally, copy and paste into the new tab with no errors. Problem solved!
This setting may also work with the McuFriend library, but not sure because I haven\’t tried it.
No more than 30 minutes of preparation and assembly time.
Therefore, cut off the shield reset pin and weld it with the Arduino reset pin.
Reduce 4 or 6 parent pins and use small pieces of pcb. Connect (solder)
RTC pin of Arduino board (correctly)
Several wires.
Upload the sketch and you are ready.
You have a very precise Arduino clock.
So it took me a while to figure this out (
Because of my stupidity.
But the end result is good.
With this simple modification, you can now connect (multiple)
I2C and regular sensors connect to the Arduino board in a \”little sacrifice\” manner and expand the possibilities of the project you want to do.
I think this will be the goal of several Arduino gadgets I have planned with a programmer friend.
The only limit is our imagination.
You are done and use it as you wish!
I hope you find it useful to help people who face the same problem. Have a good day.

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    2.4 tft lcd with i2c module(s)

    Hello!In this short note, I will show you how I am using the I2C bus on this tft LCD.Required parts :-Arduino Uno-2. 4 TFT LCD-For

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